Magnum Gunsmithing, LTD.
North Lima, OH
Type 07 FFL Class 2 / SOT

About Us

    Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. is a corporation and a Federally licensed facility that specializes in the repair, restoration and customization of firearms and related equipment. 

    We are a class 2 manufacturer of firearms and NFA items. As such, we can service and repair your registered full automatic weapons, silencers/suppressors, and other short barreled NFA items. We have been involved in the firearms industry for over 20 years and have always offered high-quality service and customer satisfaction. 

    We welcome law enforcement and military customers. 

    Send us an e-mail, call us, or use the contact page with your specific needs.
Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. is owned by Glen Riddle. Glen is an active law enforcement officer and a firearms enthusiast. He can be reached directly at:

Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. also has other law enforcement personnel on their staff, giving them the skills and knowledge to assist you with your firearms needs.

Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. also has a training division that offers courses involving handguns, carbines, and other weapon platforms. We also offer Ohio CCW courses. Check out our training page.

Wounded Warrior Project

Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. will continue to donate a portion of profits to the Wounded Warrior Project. Check their their website for info and donate today:

Magnum Gunsmithing, Ltd. only uses the highest quality parts and components.

Firearm finishes:

GunKote: Manufactured by KG Industries, this teflon based finish is oven cured and very tough. You will not find a better firearms finish. You can get info about this finish at:

We also offer mil-spec parkerizing and Ceracoat finishes.

Components and parts:

We can supply what you need for your project. We are direct dealers for many items, such as Daniel Defense rail systems.

Contact us for details.

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